RTX 4050 laptop graphics were seen with 17% more power than RTX 3050 Ti

Nvidia GPU laptop model The RTX 4050, which will be used in budget gaming laptops, has been spotted in benchmarks. The discussed Nvidia graphics appeared in the unannounced Samsung laptop alongside the Intel Core i7-13700H central processor. As of this writing, RTX 4050 Mobile and Intel Core i7-13700H have not been officially unveiled.

RTX 4050 Mobile is supposed to be the new graphics model of RTX 3050 Mobile and is used in high-priced gaming products. RTX 3050 Mobile is one of Nvidia’s most popular previous generation laptop graphics cards. This graphics card had four gigabytes of GDDR6 memory with a 128-bit bus, and the RTX 4050 Mobile is expected to have eight gigabytes of memory. Probably the new Nvidia graphics will be produced with the AD107 chip.

Benchmark of the new Samsung Galaxy laptop with Nvidia RTX 4050 graphics

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This is not the first time that details about the central processor Intel Core i7-13700H is revealed. This processor, which belongs to the 13th generation Raptor Lake family, will have 14 cores (including 6 high-power cores and 8 low-power cores) and its frequency and power will be 5.0 GHz and 45 watts, respectively. A laptop that uses a Core i7-13700H and RTX 4050 Mobile will probably cost up to $1,500.

According to WccftechThe RTX 4050 Mobile GPU is up to 17% faster compared to the RTX 3050 Ti Mobile and up to 32% faster compared to the RTX 3050 Mobile.

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