RTX 40 gaming performance will probably be twice as good as RTX 30

Nvidia introduced GeForce GTX 10 series graphics based on Pascal architecture with significant performance improvement compared to the previous generation of these products, i.e. GeForce 9 series with Maxwell architecture. Now, after two years of intergenerational leap, GeForce RTX 40 graphics are also expected to have significant changes compared to GeForce RTX 30 series.

to report wccftechA leaker on Twitter with the username QbitLeaks has released new information on the RTX 40 graphics, claiming that these graphics will come with more than two times the performance improvement. This person first published the first image of the design of the Founders Edition version of the RTX 40 series, and a little later, without mentioning the model, he revealed details of the performance of one of the graphics in this series.

rtx 40 benchmark chart

RTX 40 graphics based on Ada Lovelace architecture and manufactured with TSMC 5nm lithography, and although they consume a lot of power, they will provide powerful graphics performance in the gaming sector.

As we said, the exact graphics model that QbitLeak published details about is not known; But most likely the leaked numbers belong to RTX 4080 or RTX 4090; Because according to Nvidia, these products are supposed to bring more than twice the performance improvement compared to RTX 30 series graphics. In addition, the said whistleblower has emphasized that the said performance does not belong to the flagship graphics of the RTX 40; So RTX 4080 remains as the only option on the table.

RTX 40 sample

QbitLeak’s performance metrics, six games and three applications are listed below; But it is not clear what settings the games were run on. The whistleblower claimed that the games were run at 4K resolution settings with ray tracing enabled and possibly DLSS disabled. The only information available is 4K resolution and running games with active. These six games are: Control, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, Minecraft, Quake II RTX, Dying Light 2, Cyberpunk 2077.

All six of these games fully engage Nvidia’s GPUs, and the estimated performance is expected to be the best-case scenario for the RTX 40 series. In programs like Autodesk Arnold, Blender, and Chaos V-Ray, performance is also 2x or more, which is a significant increase compared to the previous generation.

The numbers published by QbitLeak indicate a performance improvement of between 2 and 2.2 times for the RTX 40 graphics compared to the previous generation graphics in most games. According to the results of the tests, it seems that RTX 40’s performance in software such as Blender, Chaos V-Ray and Autodesk Arnold has improved more than 2 times.

To confirm this whistleblower’s claim, we have to wait until the official results of RTX 40 graphics benchmarks are published; Of course, the whistleblower has also published an image of one of the RTX 40 graphics, which strengthens the possibility that the published statistics are correct.

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