RTX 3090 Ti Appears Over $ 4,000 on European Retail Websites

At CES 2022, Nvidia unveiled its new flagship RTX 30 series graphics card. This graphics card is equipped with powerful technical specifications and is very similar in appearance to the RTX 3090. Recently, it was reported that Nvidia had asked its business partners to temporarily stop the production process due to hardware and BIOS problems. The news was immediately refuted, and according to techspot, on 27 December 1400, two custom RTX 3090 Ti graphics cards were spotted on the Swiss retail website Top Preise.

Under normal circumstances, it can be hoped that these prices will fall after the market fever subsides; But in the present and with the problems that have arisen for the supply of parts and the supply of products, these numbers will not change in any way.

Graphics card model RTX 3090 Suprim X RTX 3090 Ti Suprim X RTX 3090 Gaming X Trio RTX 3090 Ti Gaming X Trio
Dollar price $ 2,416 $ 4,022 $ 2,809 $ 3,932
Price increase Not available 66 percent Not available 40%

Custom RTX 3090 Ti models sell for 40 to 66 percent more expensive than custom models similar to the RTX 3090; However, it can be said that this price difference is not commensurate with the performance difference between the two graphics card models.

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Nvidia has not yet revealed the true specifications of its giant graphics card and has only announced that the RTX 3090Ti with 24 GB of GDDR6X video memory with a data transfer rate of 21 GHz, the ability to process 40 teraflops of shading operations, 78 teraflops of operation, 3 teraflops of operation Artificial intelligence). This powerful graphics card uses the fully active GA102 GPU with 10,752 CUDA cores and 112 texture mapping units, 84 rendering cores and 336 beam tracking cores.

What do you think about the astronomical price of Nvidia’s flagship graphics card?

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