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Alphabet, a self-driving car company, is working with Chinese automaker Geely to build a fleet of all-electric and self-driving robotaxis. According to Varge, the cars will be designed in Sweden (where Geely owns Swedish carmaker Volvo) and in the process will be adapted from Geely’s all-electric Zeekr. Wimo then equips cars with the hardware and software needed to drive cars. The company announced in a blog post that it intends to deploy these vehicles in the United States in the coming years as part of its automotive robotics fleet.

Conceptual design of Wimo Robotics

Concept images of the finished version of the vehicle, shared by Wimo, show a car designed specifically for self-driving trips. The car has a flat, low floor height and a B-pillarless design for easy entry and exit, sliding doors, comfortable seats and plenty of headroom. Wimo says future models will benefit from an interior without a steering wheel or pedal, and only have a screen that is likely to be built to check the remaining route and distance.

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Of course, it should not be forgotten that these are only concept images, and Geely and Wimo may never bring such a car to the roads; But it is possible to find out what is going on in the minds of the designers of these companies.

It should be noted that the Wimo concept makes this car very similar to the Minion; The design of the Geekr Zeekr 001 is a combination of station wagon, shooting break and long chassis. In the end, the news of Geely and Vimo’s partnership shows that different companies are increasing their partnerships with each other, and good things will happen soon.

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