Review of Xiaomi 13 Ultra; Poshali flag bearer

Review of Xiaomi 13 Ultra;  Poshali flag bearer

With such results, the performance of the cooling system is completely rejected, and this issue can have a negative effect on the performance of graphic games. To check this, we ran Genshin Impact on the phone as usual.

Like other devices equipped with SD 8 Gen 2, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra also ran Genshin Impact with a rate of 55 to 60 frames per second at maximum graphics settings; But the protrusion of the camera and the thicker upper half of the device affect the gaming experience.

It is clear that for running other games such as CoD Mobile or PUBG, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra hardware will have enough power to run the game with the maximum frame and with the best graphics settings. If you think the talk of big numbers is over, you’d be sorely mistaken!

Although the 5000 mAh battery of 13 Ultra is not so strange in appearance and has become a common thing nowadays, its 90 W charger along with 50 W wireless charger and 10 W reverse wireless charger bring a complete set to Armaghan. The benefit of the reverse wireless charger is probably best understood by owners of Apple iPhones; Because when the Apple Watch or AirPod charge is finished and in case of emergency, they cannot charge their devices through the iPhone.

Going through the problems of iPhone owners, we come to the battery life of Xiaomi 13 Ultra. In the video playback test, Xiaomi’s full-length flagship managed to play Zoomit benchmark video with 720p resolution at 200 nits brightness for 16 hours. Don’t forget that all wireless connections including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location were disabled while playing the video.

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