Review of MSI Modern MD241P monitor

Business monitors are considered the best options for general use at home, offices or schools; Because with a lower price tag, they provide all the necessary facilities. Fortunately, well-known brands have not neglected this category of products, and if you are looking for a monitor in the office-home user category, you can get the desired product from reputable brands such as LG, Samsung, and MSI at a reasonable cost.

In the upcoming review, we will go to one of the high-priced monitors on the market called MD241P from MSI, which, in addition to providing the basic features expected from an economical home-office monitor, can be ahead of the competition with its modern and elegant design, adjustable base, and acceptable image quality. to fall Earlier, we reviewed the 27-inch model of this monitor on PCJOW, and now we have the 24-inch model available for review. If you are looking for a monitor in the economic price range and with office-daily use, be with PCJOW by reviewing MSI Modern MD241P monitor.

Design and set of MSI MD241P monitor ports

As can be guessed from the name of MSI’s Modern family, we are dealing with a modern product that is considered an ideal option for all decorations due to its minimal and universal design language. The Taiwanese have won the Reddot 2021 award for this series of monitors, so they have a lot to say in the design department.

MSI MD241P monitor color

The MD241P monitor is available in three colors: black, navy and white, each of which is beautiful and stylish in its own way. The entire body of the monitor, including the narrow borders around the screen and its base and connecting arm, are the same color, and there is no change in multiple colors. The acceptable build quality of the monitor, in addition to providing it with adequate strength, also helps to make the product look more beautiful.

Monitor hinge MD241P MSI

The square base of the monitor, although it is not very big, can support the weight of about four kilograms of the monitor set. The arm connected to the stand is connected to the back of the monitor through a locking mechanism so that the user can separate and connect the stand without special tools. The adjustable stand should be considered the main feature of the MSI monitor.

MSI MD241P monitor from the side

While almost all products of the same category and the same price are sold with fixed bases, MSI has well recognized the needs of general and office users in this sector. In addition to the possibility of adjusting the height of the base up to 11 cm, the monitor can be rotated between -30 and 30 degrees along the vertical axis (Swivel), it can be tilted between -5 and 20 degrees (Tilt) or by rotating the display in a circle, it can be from horizontal to vertical. All the features we mentioned will completely satisfy your need for monitor stands.

Monitor stand MD241P MSI

Despite all the features the adjustable stand provides, if you’re at a loss for desk space, you can also mount the monitor to a wall with a standard 75x75mm VESA mount.

Front view of MSI MD241P monitor

MSI has considered a 24-inch screen for the MD241P model. Five control buttons are installed in the right part under the monitor, which can be used to make all the image settings. Two 1-watt speakers are located under the screen and facing downwards, which do not produce much sound, but they are good enough to play sound in small spaces.

Modern MD241P ports are not numerous though; But for a monitor with office use, they look more than enough and are placed in the panel behind the monitor and facing down. Next to the power port, there is an HDMI 1.4 port, a USB Type C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Type C port can receive the image signal with the Display Port standard and also supports charging; That means you can charge your phone and other devices using this port.

MSI MD241P monitor image quality

The 24-inch screen of the monitor uses an IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which will be quite suitable and sufficient for daily and office use. The pixel density of the display in the mentioned dimensions is about 92 pixels, which is slightly higher than the 27-inch model and makes it impossible to see the pixels separately. The display supports a 75Hz refresh rate; Therefore, if you are a gamer, depending on the power of your system, you can get frame rates between 60 and 75 fps. With 8-bit color depth, the MD241P display can display 16.7 million colors.

The Lord of the Rings series teaser, MSI MD241P monitor

In order to prevent image skipping, MSI uses Anti Flicker technology to display content without interruption on MD241P. The Taiwanese also say that the blue light emitted by the display has been minimized to minimize damage to the user’s eyes. IPS screens provide a very wide viewing angle, and the MSI monitor is no exception; The manufacturer claims that the viewing angle of the display is 178 degrees vertically and horizontally, which of course is consistent with our experience with the monitor.

MSI mentions a response time of 5 milliseconds in the monitor specifications; Note that if the wide viewing angle of IPS panels is not important to you, you can go for products with VA panels that provide a response time in the range of one millisecond.

Windows 10 customization settings page on MSI MD241P monitor

To display SDR content, the MSI MD241P office monitor offers five image profiles, each of which is different in terms of brightness and color accuracy. Office monitors generally do not support HDR standards, which is considered normal in this price range and usage; MD241P is no exception to this rule.

SDR image display modes

  • Standard
  • Movie
  • FPS
  • RTS
  • Low Blue Light

All profiles come with default and unchangeable settings, but in the standard profile you can adjust the brightness and contrast values ​​to your liking. The brightness of the display is specified on the product specification page as 250 nits. As usual for Zoomit reviews, we measured the brightness of the display for each image profile separately. We also set the Standard profile settings to 100% brightness and contrast to 50.

Monitor brightness MD241P MSI
Image modes / pattern white percentage 2 percent 10 percent 25 percent 50 percent 90 percent 100 percent
SDR Standard 219 216.2 220 216 215.7 217
Movie 231 231 233 234 229.6 234
FPS 197 190 191 193 190 194
RTS 153 154 159 157 158 159
Low Blue Light 106 109 104 109 103 102

The maximum brightness of the image in the Movie profile and approx 234 intentions We measured that it is slightly different from the number mentioned by MSI; But still acceptable for an LCD monitor. The Low Blue Light profile produces the lowest brightness, which will be the best option for working in dimly lit environments. The contrast of the display is also not great, but we should note that in general, IPS panels have a weaker contrast compared to VA panels.

Color space coverage in budget and general-purpose monitor panels is usually limited to the basic sRGB color space, and we don’t expect wider color spaces to be fully covered. For this reason, we ignore the measurement of color accuracy in DCI P3 and Rec 2020 spaces. As you can see in the table below, all profiles perform similarly in terms of covering sRGB, DCI P3 and Rec 2020 spaces, and only the Low Blue Light profile has lower color accuracy due to the warm tone it gives to colors.

Performance of the MSI MD241P monitor in covering color spaces
Image mode / color space sRGB DCI-P3 Rec. 2020
cover mean error cover mean error cover mean error
Standard 93.2 3 75 54
Movie 94 3.2 75 55
FPS 90 3 70.3 54
RTS 92.8 3 74 56
Low Blue Light 92 8 73 51

The MD241P monitor panel covers the basic sRGB color space above 90% and in this space, it provides very good accuracy in displaying colors. Colors in the Movie and Standard profiles are very close to neutral in temperature, but the RTS and FPS profiles tend to be too cold. Fortunately, you can customize the color temperature in the Standard profile, and you can achieve the color performance you want by changing the intensity of blue, red, and green colors in the monitor settings menu.


Despite the advantages such as modern and minimal design, good build quality and adjustable stand, the MD241P monitor is considered a product with high purchase value in the general use category. While the 27-inch model of the same monitor suffers from the problem of low pixel density, the 24-inch model does not have such a problem; Of course, some users may prefer a large screen to a higher pixel density, in which case the 27-inch model will be a better choice for them.

Zooming with MSI MD241P monitor

The MD241P monitor also shows a satisfactory performance in the display department and despite the not so much brightness, it works great in terms of color accuracy. If you are looking for an economic monitor with general use for home, work or educational environments, the Modern MD241P monitor can definitely be a very good option on your shopping list.

positive points

  • Adjustable base
  • 75 Hz refresh rate
  • Good viewing angle
  • Satisfactory color accuracy


  • Medium brightness

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