Review of Modern MD271PW MSI office monitor

Business monitors are a good choice for work environments and even homes because of the features they provide to users at a reasonable cost. As you probably know, there are powerful players in the monitor market, such as LG, Samsung, and iOS, who offer their products in a variety of price categories and uses, such as office or gaming, to a wide range of users.

MSI offers its office monitors with the Business Productivity label in the Modern, Pro and Summit categories. The product that we will review in the next article is the MD271PW monitor from the Modern series, which uses a 27-inch display according to its design.

Features such as IPS panel with 1080p resolution and 75Hz refresh rate and sleek design make the MSI monitor one of the most valuable options on the market, at least on paper; But will it be the same in practice? 

Design and assembly of MD271PW MSI monitor ports

Using the Modern tag for various product categories, including monitors, laptops, and alligators, Emsayi informs the user of the product design language. According to the letter, the MD271PW monitor has a modern design; For this reason, it is a good option to harmonize with the modern decoration of companies and homes. It is worth mentioning that the MD271 series has won the reddot design award in 2021, and this issue is communicated to users with a sticker at the bottom of the monitor frame.

MD271PW monitor is available in two colors, white and black. We had white for review. In addition to the very narrow bezels at the top and bottom of the display, the thicker bezel at the bottom and the entire body and base of the monitor are white, which gives the product an interesting visual integration.

As the language of minimalist design demands, there are no weird color changes, and limited areas such as the MSI logo and the text and symbols associated with the control buttons use eye-catching silver. We consider the quality of construction of MD271PW monitor to be appropriate and satisfactory and its body strength to be desirable.

While the display is 27 inches, the device measures 200 x 81 x 401.5 x 613.5 mm and weighs 5.8 kg. There are five control buttons under the monitor and in the right part, with which, in addition to turning the monitor on and off, the desired settings of brightness, contrast, etc. can be applied to the image.

The monitor settings menu uses a simple and straightforward layout and is not complicated to work with. There are also two single-speaker speakers below the display, which naturally do not produce much sound; But they seem to be enough to play sound in a small space.

Reddot award sticker for MSI Modern MD271PW monitor

The MD271PW monitor rests on a table with a standard square base and attaches to it with a detachable arm. To connect the monitor and the retaining arm, a type of lock is installed that eliminates the need for the user to have the tools to assemble or remove the base from the monitor. The stand bears the weight of the monitor well so that the display does not slip on the stand and hinges and has a good stand.

For more control over the viewing angle, the touchscreen in the MD271 series gives you the ability to rotate or move the display at different angles on the stand. In addition to changing the height of the monitor up to 11 cm, you can rotate the screen between angles of -30 to 30 degrees along the vertical axis (Swivel) and tilt it to -5 to 20 degrees (Tilt) and by turning the screen clockwise or counterclockwise Pivot the display from landscape to portrait mode. Such features are not commonly found in the economic and office laptops of other brands and can make tangible products a more acceptable option for users.

Vertical position of MSI Modern MD271PW display

The MSI MD271PW monitor can be easily moved in all directions and the hinges are not dry. Apart from all the features that the monitor base provides, if the user is short on space on the table, he can also attach the monitor to the wall with the VESA 75 × 75 mount.

Numerous but adequate ports The MD271PW monitor is located on the bottom back panel, including a 1.4 HDMI port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a USB Type-C port, the latter of which is available as a replacement for the Display Port port. It also charges other devices, such as mobile phones.

Picture quality of MD271PW monitor

The 27-inch display of the MSI monitor uses an IPS LCD panel and provides users with Full HD resolution or 1920 x 1080 pixels. With a little calculation, the pixel density of the display at such dimensions is about 81 pixels, which is very small, and even from not too close distances you can see the pixels separately.

This is a theme that is common to most large screens and is not specific to the product. The MD271PW display supports a refresh rate of 75 Hz and with an 8-bit color depth, it can display 16.7 million colors.

Behzad working with MSI Modern MD271PW monitor

Emasi says that thanks to the use of anti-flicker technology, the contents of the screen are displayed without rupture. Also, the blue light emitted from the screen is minimized so as not to damage the user’s eyes. The viewing angle of the display in the vertical and horizontal direction is 178 degrees and its response time is 5 milliseconds.

Our experience working with monitors confirms the appropriate and wide viewing angle of the display. Note that if the wide viewing angle of IPS panels is not important to you, in the same price range you can go for monitors with VA panel that do not have a wide viewing angle; But their response time is one millisecond.

MSI MD271PW monitor provides five color profiles for displaying SDR content; But there are no HDR profiles, which of course is normal for a monitor in the economy class.

SDR image display modes

  • Standard
  • Movie
  • FPS
  • RTS
  • Low Blue Light

Between the five profiles, only in Standard mode can you adjust the brightness and contrast of the image to your liking, and the rest of the profiles use the default and unchangeable settings. We measured the brightness of the screen in each of the separate image modes. While the standard profile brightness was 90% and the contrast was 50%, we set the Brightness value to 100 to measure the maximum screen brightness. You can see the results of the measurements in the table below:

MS27 MD271PW monitor brightness
Image modes / percentage whiteness of the template 2 percent 10 percent 25 percent 50% 90% 100%
SDR Standard 213 215 214.3 213 216.4 213. 1
Movie 225.3 227 227 227.5 226 226.2
FPS 194.6 195.7 195.2 194.2 195 195
RTS 151.5 152.4 150 151. 2 151.5 151
Low Blue Light 103.6 104.5 104 103.8 103.9 105

According to the monitor specs page on the MSI website, the display is expected to produce about 250 nits of brightness. The numbers we obtained in the measurements, with a slight difference, confirm this value. In standard profiles and conditions where the brightness setting is set to 100%, the maximum brightness is 215 nits. We measured the maximum brightness in the Movie profile at about 227 nits.

If you want to choose the profile with the lowest brightness for work, you should go to Low Blue Light mode, which produces about 105 nits of brightness. IPS LCD panels, despite having a very good viewing angle, are weaker in terms of contrast. We evaluate the contrast of the MD271PW display as appropriate and satisfactory; But if the viewing angle is less important to you and the priority is more contrast, monitors with VA panel will be a better option.

Behzad working with MSI Modern MD271PW monitor

In economical and office monitors, the monitor generally does not completely cover the wider color spaces and produces colors in the sRGB space. Taiwanese say MD271PW monitor can cover 4% more sRGB (104% coverage); But in our surveys we found coverage of about 92%.

The performance of different profiles is not very different in terms of color accuracy, and except for the Low Blue Ligh mode, which has a large error in producing colors due to overheating of colors, other profiles offer very good accuracy in producing colors of sRGB space.

MSI MD271PW monitor function in covering colored spaces
Image mode / color space sRGB DCI-P3 Rec. 2020
Cover Average error Cover Average error Cover Average error
Standard 91.6 3.5 73.4 55.3
Movie 91.6 3.5 73.5 55.4
FPS 84 3.5 71.3 53.7
RTS 91.7 3.3 74.2 56
Low Blue Light 92.3 7.9 72. 7 52.1

In terms of temperature, the Standard and Movie modes also produce neutral colors; But in FPS and RTS profiles, the color tonnage is noticeably cold. Fortunately, if you are not satisfied with the color performance of the default profiles, in the settings menu and by selecting the Standard profile, you can customize the color performance of the monitor and adjust the colors of blue, red and green.


The MD271PW office monitor is manufactured for the general user category and with an economical price tag, and with advantages such as modern and beautiful design, good build quality, adjustable stand and 27-inch display, it can be a suitable option for work or even homes.

Perhaps the only major drawback of the MSI monitor is its not-so-proportional display resolution; This results in a low pixel density. Of course, the issue of pixel density may not be a priority for many users, and the scales will continue to weigh down on the larger display.

The advantage of adding a customizable base to the MSI product is not to be overlooked, and it is an attractive feature, especially for work environments. Technically, the MD271PW display also performs satisfactorily, and while it does not produce ideal brightness, its color accuracy is admirable to meet the overall expectations of an economically priced, general-purpose monitor.

positive points

  • Adjustable base
  • modern design
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • Proper viewing angle
  • Satisfactory color accuracy


  • Low pixel density
  • Medium brightness

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