removal of water from the stratosphere; Scientists’ new solution to combat climate change

removal of water from the stratosphere;  Scientists’ new solution to combat climate change

The stratosphere is located between 12 and 50 km above the earth’s surface and above another layer of the atmosphere called the troposphere. Water vapor in the stratosphere forms a sponge-like barrier that prevents the heat emitted from the earth from escaping into space. Scientists are now investigating the possibility of dewatering this layer of the atmosphere to cool the warming planet.

According to a study published on February 28 in the journal Science Advances Published, water that naturally circulates in the troposphere leaks into the stratosphere, but the rate of leakage is not uniform across the planet. Joshua Schwartz, lead author of the paper and a physicist at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Laboratory of Chemistry Live Science “Most of the air enters the stratosphere in tropical regions,” he says.

A small region north of Australia appears to be important in controlling the upward movement of air and water vapor. Schwartz’s idea was to take measures to reduce stratospheric water vapor in this particular region so that more infrared radiation can be emitted into space.

Schwartz and his colleagues tested their idea using computer models that simulated the removal of water vapor from the air before it entered the stratosphere. When air enters the stratosphere, it disperses from the tropics to the poles for up to four years before returning to the troposphere. This is why the most effective way to control water vapor is to capture it before it enters the stratosphere.

Water in the troposphere exists as vapor or ice particles. For water vapor to crystallize as ice and descend instead of entering the stratosphere, there must be enough ice to freeze the vapor or enough water vapor to form an ice cloud on its own.

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