Removal of Iran’s Internet embargo by America

The United States Treasury Department issued a new general license called GL-D2 on October 1 this year to announce the lifting of a significant part of the internet sanctions on Iranian users. At that time, it was said that the goal of lifting the sanctions is to facilitate the “free flow of information”. The GL-D2 general license replaced the D1 license.

The lifting of Iran’s internet sanctions entered the implementation phase on Friday, October 1st, however Department of Treasury On December 21, he once again emphasized on lifting the embargo. In this way, contrary to what some media have written, no other sanctions have been lifted and America has only emphasized the sanctions that were lifted through the GL-D2 general license.

The GL-D2 General License enables US companies to provide services and software such as messaging, chat and email, social networks, photo and video sharing services, web browsers, blog services, social platforms, collaboration platforms, video conferencing platforms, gaming platforms, education platforms. Provide electronic, automatic translation, web maps and user authentication services along with cloud services and educational software and related services to Iranian users.

Apparently, the removal of restrictions has been applied not only to ordinary users but also to Iranian companies.

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