Reelmi has confirmed the color change feature of the back panel for the 9 Series Pro phones

According to GSOSMARNA, a movie to increase the excitement among fans for the upcoming Realme 9 Pro series, announced that it will use the new color “Chameleon”. Thanks to a new feature that the company has dubbed “Light Shift”, both the 9 Pro and Pro Plus reel models will change color depending on the lighting conditions.

Rim 9 Pro in hand

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The 9 Pro series will be one of the first phones with such a feature after entering Europe. Under normal light conditions, the handsets are blue and turn red in about five seconds in bright sunlight or ultraviolet light if you are indoors.

In continuation, you can watch the mentioned feature in video format:

According to Rilmi, more than 200 trials and errors had to be performed before finding the right formula for the material and the thickness of the paint that would allow the paint to transfer quickly over time. The two-layer photochromic process adds an organic composite layer that speeds up color transfer by 40%.

Recently, the Vivo brand used a similar feature in the V23 and V23 Pro. Riley has not yet announced the exact date for the introduction of the Riley 9 Pro series; But we are probably not far from the unveiling time.

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