Reconstructing the faces of famous and historical figures in a modern style

The near-realistic face of many famous and mythical figures remains in a haze of ambiguity. The long distance and mastery of the artists who have painted or sculpted the faces of these important people make them look like mythical transcendentalists. The above makes our comparison with them seem a little far-fetched to us; Because we can rarely imagine them as ordinary people with normal needs. The important point is that we should not forget that they, like all of us, are ordinary human beings. Hydrley Diao The artist is concerned that he would like to remind people of this; So with the help of artificial intelligence, which is very accessible these days and has amazing results, he began to reconstruct the faces of modern celebrities. Diao believes that his art can largely prove that all of these famous historical figures were people like us. We invite you to see the reconstructed figures by Diao in the continuation of today’s shutter.

Matthew Tatonka

I believe that these legendary and historical figures were really special. They have made a name for themselves through their efforts and work in history. The historical significance of these people will never fade.


Sun Joseph (Joseph Najjar)

Hatshepsut, Pharaoh

Leonardo Davinci



Isaac Newton

Queen of Hate


Statue of Liberty

Caligula (The third Roman emperor )

Shroud of Turin

Johann Sebastian Bach

Salahuddin Yusuf Ayoubi

Isabel, Prince of the Brazilian Empire



Christina from Denmark

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

Frederic François Chopin

Mary Shelley

Statue of David


Lady Alchi

Reconstruction of faces of famous characters /

We hope you find this part of the shutter interesting. To see more pictures of this artist, you can follow Hydraley Diao’s Instagram page. What do you think about these reconstructed images? Which one did you like the most?

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