Razer’s new glass mouse pad costs $100 without any special features

Razer is one of the famous companies manufacturing quality gaming products such as laptops, mice, keyboards, etc. This brand has even released a gaming mug with RGB lights.

Razer has now unveiled a new glass mousepad called the Atlas, perhaps the most important feature of which is the $100 price tag. This product and the price set for it compared to the list of other Razer devices such as A soundbar that detects the user’s position or a headset that uses interchangeable earpieces seems a bit strange.

to report PCWorldAtlas is a 450 x 400 mm integrated glass panel on a rubber base. This mousepad is extremely smooth and durable, and its matte engraved pattern helps optical mice perform very well.

Razer Atlas mousepad is very simple and unlike most products of this brand, there is no RGB lighting or other features in it. However, the price of 100 dollars seems very strange for such a product. Now, the best mousepads on the market are available for buyers at the price of around $20 on the Amazon online store.

Of course, Razer has a long history of selling expensive products. For example, this company recently The Viper Mini Signature Edition gaming mouse has been introduced at a reasonable price of $280.

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