Razer unveiled a concept table for gamers from the Sophia project

Each user adjusts their system in a unique way to improve the quality of their various daily activities, such as playing, working, or viewing content, and it is often difficult to restart the settings if they change. To address this concern, Razer, a multinational technology company, introduced the Sophia project at CES 2022; This project is a modular desktop computer that, by integrating an advanced and powerful system with a modular desk and accessories, allows each user to restart the settings quickly and quickly.

According to Windowscentral, Razer claims that the Sophia project provides the user with all the necessary facilities for any business, gaming or streaming activities; It has a concept desk, an advanced Intel processor, an Nvidia graphics processor, a custom printed circuit board (PCB), a magnetic chassis and a glass desktop, and can be equipped with the power of a personal computer.

Sophia Project equipment is housed under the glass desktop of this desk, and users can easily access it if they need to upgrade or replace it.

The strength of Sophia’s project over the best personal computers is the modules used in it. Users will have access to 13 different modules when reconfiguring this desk; These modules are compatible with everything from converting screens to touch panels and tablets to advanced speakers and monitors.

Specifications Sophia Project
Display 65 inch OLED
77 inch OLED
Processor The latest Intel processor
GPU Nvidia’s latest GPU
Number of modules 13
lighting Chrome RGB
Designing Custom printed circuit board
Magnetic chassis
Glass desktop

Other peripherals that are compatible with these modules include a camera, microphone, wireless charger and even a glass heater. The Sophia project features Chroma RGB lighting and a built-in 65- or 77-inch OLED display.

Details on the price and release date of the Sophia project are not yet known, but Razer is expected to release more information about the table in late 2022 (Fall 1401).

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