Razer made a virtual reality headset in cooperation with a health company

Razer, which produces gaming equipment and accessories, unveiled its first product compatible with the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset at CES 2023.

Razer’s virtual reality headset strap is well placed on the head and adjustable, and will enter the market from the first quarter of this year.

In addition to working with Meta, Razer has also collaborated with ResMed to make this headset strap. Since it is the first time Razer cooperates with a company in the field of health, perhaps we can expect more cooperation to produce other products in the continuation of this cooperation.

Reporter CNET who tested Razer’s headset strap at CES, says it fits better on the head than the included Aquilus strap and is easier to remove from the face. The part that is placed on the face is made of silicone and gives more comfort to the user.

Since virtual reality headsets are going to be used in various fields, including sports, the design of such straps can simplify the long-term use of these tools.

Razer, which started by making a gaming mouse for gamers, has now expanded its activities in various fields, including making laptops, phones, headphones, chairs and dozens of other branches, and introduces itself as a brand that produces lifestyle equipment for gamers. This company has now started making accessories for virtual reality headsets. What do you think the next product of this company could be?

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