Rasta A new way to dominate satra and radio

The members of the Steering Council were chosen randomly so that the idea of ​​setting up a trade association by a governing body is one step closer to being operationalized. At the end of last year, when Satra announced the decision to launch the Association of Universal Audio and Video Media of Iran (Rasta), the protest of VODs, which had their own trade association, was raised.

Considering the constant conflicts and adventures between the online audio and video media and the Universal Audio and Video Media Regulatory Organization (Satra), as well as Satra’s affiliation with the Broadcasting Organization, it was clear that the formation of such a forum, which calls for greater interaction between industry activists and regulators for Contributing to healthy content and industry sustainability, probably Intervening as much as possible in the working process of these platforms will be related to the private sector and increasing the dominance of this organization over VODs.

Even though the members of these platforms and the activists of this field expressed their opposition to this decision, they wrote a statement and explained that “it is not clear with what intention the Satra group without legal authority seeks to form the Rasta group and interfere in trade union affairs and perform the specified duties. It is for the private sector” but this organization continued its efforts to form this collection.

On the 6th of May, in line with continuing efforts to form Rasta, the ceremony of electing the members of the Steering Council of the Audio and Video Media Forum of Iran was held in the presence of the president and managers of Satra and the representative of the country’s inspection organization and with the participation of 165 platforms licensed by Satra online and with The physical presence of a number of licensed platforms was held.

The Public Relations Organization for the Regulation of Inclusive Audio and Video Media in the Virtual Space (Satra) has announced that based on the votes received, eight definitive candidates and the main members of the Steering Council of the Rasta Assembly have been elected:

Mehdi Shamlou (Anten Media Director), Leila Amreh (Habina Media Director), Arash Darabian (Episode Media Director), Amir Reza Khanian (Gap Film Media Director), Mohammad Ali Tehranchi (Badsaba Media Director), Farzad Azaripour (Hashur Media Director), Saman Murad Hosseini (Rusta TV Media Manager) and Amir Hossein Heydari (Tamashakhone Media Manager) are permanent members of this group, and Seyed Amin Mousavi (Apra Media) and Mehran Deh Namaki (Aryu and Sport Plus Media) were elected as alternate members of Rasta Assembly Steering Council.

According to the head of Satra, this council is supposed to have several councils, which are: Council for Issuing Production Licensing, Council for Issuing Publication License, Council for Content Support, such as the distribution of organizational content packages, Council for Government Support, such as the distribution of government budgets, such as Note 6, and the like. Facility fund, Satra’s exclusive support council, such as benefiting from Avemic Group’s facilities, arbitration and mediation council to resolve possible disputes between licensees or production agents, violation handling council, regulation development council, data-oriented and technology regulatory council, professional qualification determination council, competition council Satra, “Rasta” Exhibition and Festival Council, Media Evaluation and Rating Council, Media Literacy Council, Audit Council.

These measures are being pursued by Satra, while this organization has not only given an explanation about why such a forum was formed, nor has it even given an answer to the criticisms. Of course, this point still remains that many activists and experts in the field of VODs consider the nature and existence of satra to be a problem; Because Satra is dependent on Sedavsima, and Sedavsima is considered a competitor of online audio and video display platforms, and the legislation of this governing body is a problem for competing media.

However, Satra has not only continued to monitor and interfere in the affairs of these platforms, but in its latest action, it has launched an institution that will be parallel to the trade association of online video display companies, which are likely to be in conflict with each other, and not only the usual challenges between Satra And it won’t fix the immersive audio and video platforms, it will fuel them.

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