Query the latest status of the property document online

If you need to make sure after buying the property whether the document is registered in your name or not, you can simply inquire about its latest status. The document inquiry shows the conditions of property registration and the status of the document. If the document is mortgaged by the bank, has several owners, has certain legal conditions, we can get informed and make a better decision about it. In general, the owner needs to inquire about the property document to transfer the property.

Inquiring about the property document can be done in person and online. In the face-to-face method, you must go to the Real Estate Registry Office and provide your national code so that the inquiry can be made. But the faster way is to inquire through this organization’s website.

Electronic property inquiry with national code

In the property electronic inquiry system, you can find out about the latest status of the property with the help of barcode and 18-digit property ID. If you have forgotten this code, it is actually the same code that is written at the top of your property document.

The inquiry of the document is a private information, so only the owner of the document can inquire about its status in person with the national code in hand. But some information of other documents can be queried online. Among them is the query of the last status of the document, which must be entered first for this purpose The website of the country’s real estate registration organization become

In the top bar of the e-services section, select the option to track property e-inquiry. In this way, you enter my registration system.

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