Qualcomm works with Microsoft to develop Snapdragon custom AR‌ chip

Cristiano AmonAt CES‌ 2022, Qualcomm CEO announced that the company plans to work with Microsoft to produce a custom Snapdragon chip that will be used in the future of the Microsoft ecosystem in augmented reality glasses.

Qualcomm is developing custom Snapdragon for the next generation of low-light, lightweight augmented reality glasses for the Microsoft ecosystem. To achieve this, the company will integrate the software of the two platforms Microsoft Mesh and Spaces XR and create a platform for the next generation of lightweight augmented glasses.

Microsoft Mesh is an interactive platform for virtual experiences in the Thames app and Snapdragon Spaces XR is also a platform for developers to make the connection between smartphones and augmented reality glasses.

According to Verge, since Qualcomm has been supplying the Snapdragon 850 chip used in Microsoft HoloLens headsets since 2019 and has increased its focus on virtual reality chips in recent years, it is not surprising to hear about this collaboration. The two companies have worked together in the past to build custom chips such as the SQ1 and SQ2 processors for the Surface Pro X.

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Currently, the mesh is equipped with a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) system between platforms for communication between virtual reality headsets, tablets, smartphones and PCs, and the Spaces platform intends to be specifically equipped with smartphones. As a “second show” for augmented reality experiences.

The platform resulting from the combination of the two can provide an interesting combination reality that integrates several devices. In addition, given Qualcomm’s emphasis on ultra-light chip production, the two companies appear to have big plans for their projects in the digital world of the future.

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