Qualcomm and Google collaborate to optimize artificial intelligence in smartphones

Qualcomm has partnered with Google Cloud to improve the AI ​​capabilities of its future chips to develop and differentiate neural networks for Snapdragon-based smartphones, ACPCs, XR platforms, Snapdragon platforms, and Internet Ride for automobiles. Accelerate and optimize objects.

According to Zdnet, the company will use Google’s cloud-based “Vertex AI” NAS search engine in Qualcomm’s AI engine to develop new AI models. The aim of this collaboration is to increase the accuracy and speed of artificial intelligence models in Snapdragon chip-based devices.

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Qualcomm’s first chip to be optimized with NAS will be the first-generation Snapdragon 8, and after that, the technology will be available throughout Qualcomm’s product range.

Ziad AsgharQualcomm’s vice president of product management said of the partnership:

The ability to use Google NAS technology to create and optimize new AI models in an intensive time frame will transform our business. We are pleased to be the first chip company to work with NAS on Google Cloud, and we look forward to expanding this technology to a greater presence in the field of artificial intelligence.

Now, how important is Qualcomm’s partnership with Google for users? According to Qualcomm, the partnership will make high-precision, low-latency AI technology available to low-power devices such as IoT-based products, medical imaging, the automotive industry and smartphones, while also optimizing energy and memory.

The collaboration of the two tech giants will allow Qualcomm to produce and optimize new AI models in a matter of weeks instead of months. Qualcomm has also confirmed that Google NAS’s neural network will be included in Qualcomm’s neural processing software development kit for developer access.

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