Public access to the new version of Microsoft Bing became possible

Apparently, Microsoft has a waiting list for the new version It has removed Bing and now everyone can use this based search engine Use GPT-4 language model. Verge It says it tried to access the new Bing with multiple Microsoft accounts, and each time access was granted immediately.

If you are looking to use the latest version of Bing, enter this page and click on the Join Waitlist option and then log in to your Microsoft account. After passing these steps, access to the Bing chatbot will be possible.

“During this preview period, we are running various tests that may speed up access to the new version of Bing for some users,” Microsoft’s director of communications said in a statement to The Verge. We’re still in the preview phase, and you can sign up through”

The change to the new Bing waiting list comes as Microsoft officially confirmed that the new version of its search engine was based on the GPT-4 model from the start. This new language model, which has just been introduced, has the ability to interpret video in addition to text.

Microsoft plans to hold a new conference this evening hold artificial intelligence. Most likely, in this event, we will see the addition of artificial intelligence to the Office family software.

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