Production of Apple’s mixed reality headset confirmed?

Unconfirmed rumors say that Apple has made its mixed reality headset available to a number of developers and is likely to unveil the product in the coming months ahead of WWDC 2023. to report imorethe latest version of the Apple Devices app available for download in the Microsoft Store, refers to Apple’s mixed reality headset operating system.

The Apple Devices Windows application has a number of features that iTunes previously offered to iPhone and iPad users. Apple has said goodbye to iTunes on Mac series computers and plans to do the same on Windows operating system. Apple Devices is considered as an alternative to iTunes.

An interesting point about the new update of Apple Devices is the mention of the terms Reality OS and xrOS. These two terms probably refer to Apple’s mixed reality headset operating system. There is no mention of Reality Pro in the source code of the Apple Devices application. Reality Pro will probably be the name of Apple’s headset.

According to rumors, Apple will unveil the Reality Pro headset before WWDC. Also, Apple’s headset software development kits are likely to be made available to developers at WWDC. Apple’s mixed reality headset will rival the most expensive Meta headsets.

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