Probably about a million accounts have been deactivated since Elon Musk joined Twitter

when Elon Musk The social platform took over Twitter, some users and famous people announced that they would deactivate their user accounts and in fact express their displeasure with the new management of this social network.

Many of these users eventually find that this is easier said than done; Because they often don’t carry out their threat and will continue to use Twitter as usual. However, it seems that things are changing; Because according to the report NeowinMany people have deactivated their accounts since the mask was introduced.

According to new data from Bot Sentinel, a company that tracks unethical behavior on Twitter, the social network saw 877,000 user accounts deactivated between October 27 and November 1. In the same period of time, another 497,000 accounts have been suspended on this social platform. Adding these numbers up, Twitter has lost roughly 1.4 million users.

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Bot Sentinel used the proportion of users it analyzed to get the number of deactivated accounts on Twitter, and then applied that percentage to Twitter’s total user base of 237 million people.

Deactivating the account means the intentional closing of the account by the user. Also, account suspension means that Twitter deletes user accounts due to lack of activity and originality or violation of rules.

An analysis by research firm Network Contagion suggests that some are trying to test Twitter’s limits after Elon Musk’s arrival. For example, since the CEO of Tesla announced that he was buying Twitter, the use of banned words on the platform increased by about 500% in just 12 hours.

Christopher Bozzi, founder of Bot Sentinel, predicts that the increasingly hostile environment on Twitter will eventually cause user attrition. He says:

I believe the platform will be in big trouble if users keep deactivating their accounts en masse. Twitter would be no different than Parler or Truth if leftists and marginalized people left the social network.

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