Preparation and order of new valves in various models and prices in Digi Kala

Sanitary valves are offered in different price ranges and are generally not cheap. The not-so-cheap price of these valves may be questionable for you as well. Valves are made of expensive ingots and have a difficult and time consuming manufacturing process.

The elegance and beauty of the valves in the stores may make us think that the process of making these valves is not so difficult; But the manufacturing process of these products has many difficulties from the stage of three-dimensional design to the melting of rice ingots.

Sanitary valves are made with different qualities and the best models have special features and differences in the manufacturing and quality control process with other models. Here, we want to explain the most important factors for choosing a quality sanitary valve.

Buy from reputable brands

Taps and hoods are one of the most important things that affect the beauty of the kitchen; For this reason, you need to be extremely careful when buying these two items. Buying poor quality hoods or valves will only make you need to buy them again after a while.

With more than 37 years of experience in producing various types of hoods and gas stoves, the hood has been one of the best manufacturers of hoods in Iran since 1984, and by producing various models of cabinets, fireplaces and concealed hoods, has met the customer’s need for the latest models. Is.

One of the most important factors that helps us to buy quality valves is the well-known product. Well-known brands that have been active in the production of valves for many years, due to their good position among the people and to maintain customer trust, produce high quality products to establish their position among the people.

Rasan brand is one of the most reputable manufacturers of sanitary valves in Iran. Rasan sanitary valves in producing all kinds of sanitary valves for sinks, showers and toilets with high quality and elegance in making one of the best manufacturers of valves in Iran. This brand has produced a suitable product for every taste.

Built-in and smart valves are among the products of this brand among Rasan new valves in various models and prices tailored to the customer’s needs, and you will not need to buy valves again for many years to come by buying quality products of this brand.


What metals are the best valves made of?

The valves are mostly made of brass, stainless steel, zinc alloy and plastic. Each of these options is different in terms of durability, price and beauty. The choice of any of these materials depends on your budget and style of kitchen. In the following, we will examine each of these materials further.

Brass valves

Rice is the most popular ingredient in kitchen faucets around the world. Rice is durable, available at moderate prices, and available in a variety of colors. These valves often have an attractive rural or farm appearance; Especially when the least payment is made in its color.

stainless steel

This metal is the most durable and expensive option for your kitchen faucets. Some models have a stainless steel coating on brass instead of full stainless steel; But these options will be of lower quality than pure steel. This material is available in many colors and designs that offer beauty to modern kitchens.

Zinc alloy and plastic valves

These valves are the least durable, but the most cost-effective options. These are cheaper materials that do not last as long as brass and stainless steel. Some of them are designed to look like these other models; Therefore, others may not realize the difference. One of the differences between this material and the other two types is the change of color and mass on these valves, which is done more quickly compared to the other two types.

Ingots with suitable grade

One of the most important characteristics that you should pay attention to when buying valves is that quality valves are made of ingots with a certain grade. There is a very small percentage of lead in all valves. As you know, lead is a toxic and carcinogenic metal and can cause irreparable damage to human health.

In selecting the valves, pay attention to the amount of lead used in the ingot composition. The metals used in standard sanitary valves contain 58 to 60 percent copper or other base metals for valves, 38 percent zinc and less than 2.5 percent lead. When buying valves, be sure to pay attention to the type and amount of metals used in its composition.


Single-handle, double-handle and touch valves

There are three types of kitchen faucets. Single-valve valves are easy to install and do not take up much space; But how to install two-way valves is a little more difficult. Two-valve valves are more accurate for heating and cooling water and have a separate outlet for hot and cold water.

Eye valves, which are the newest type of valves, are more expensive than the other two types and are practical to use when your hands are dirty. You can choose any of these three according to your needs.

Color and polish

Valves are available in different types of payments in the market. Standard options include chrome, pewter, stainless steel, platinum, nickel, and matte black. The type of polishing is done on the valves and affects the appearance, cleanliness, resistance to staining and rust, and the mass and price of the valves.

The brighter the surface of the milk, the more fingerprints and water stains are shown. In this article you can also read the best ways to clean and remove valve stains.

Many veneers are also available in cut-outs. This type of coating is great for hiding fingerprints and other stains. It all depends on whether the milk cover of your choice matches your existing kitchen and d├ęcor.

In this article, we tried to help you choose the best product for your kitchen by explaining the main factors in choosing faucets. We hope we have been able to provide you with appropriate information about the main and determining ingredients in the composition of sanitary valves and the top brands in Iran.

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