Possibility to remove the charger adapter from the Galaxy Tab S8 box

Galaxy Tab S8 And Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra are powerful tablets that should be available in early 2022. At least that’s what the rumors claim. They are evolved models and the new generation Galaxy Tab S7 And Tab S7 Plus It is estimated that they were released in August 2020. Software advances such as the Samsung DeX and the powerful hardware of tablets equipped with the S Pen make them a great choice for work and play.

According to VonArna, we have already witnessed the disclosure of information about the Galaxy Tab S8 series; Because photos and renderings and even some details of this new family have been revealed. The first-generation Snapdragon 8, up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, herald the power of Samsung’s new tablets. In addition, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is said to be equipped with a giant 11,200 mAh battery and supports an extremely fast 45 watt charge.

However, we have bad news for you. According to the latest LetsGoDigital report, the Galaxy Tab S8 may be sold without a charger adapter in the box. This means you either have to use any charger available or save extra money to buy a Samsung 45-watt fast charger.

Samsung followed in Apple’s footsteps in removing the chargers that came with its Galaxy series; But now that this may be the case for its tablet generation, it seems a little strange. Imagine a tablet without a charging adapter, like a laptop without a charger.

Translation: 11-inch base model of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

It looks much better without a notch

– Snapdragon 8 first generation

– 5G support

– Android 12

– With S Pen

– No charger

3D renders @TechnizoConcept)

Since the Galaxy Tab S8 is said to be the least expensive model in its family, it is expected to offer fewer features. For example, probably the Galaxy Tab S8 stylus S Not used in Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

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Based on previous information, pen The S, which comes with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, can deliver a very low 2.4 millisecond delay similar to the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra. Of course there is also the possibility that LetsGoDigital Received the information incorrectly; But they are usually very careful about which information they disclose.

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