Positron introduced Belkin, Force, Promit and Honeywell accessories to the country’s market

Belkin is one of Foxconn’s brands that operates in the field of mobile accessories with Apple approval, and the company’s products are even available in some Apple stores.

Positron, as one of the subsidiaries of Pars Holding, which operates in the field of electronic equipment and supplies, exhibited a wide range of Belkin brand products at the Iran Mobile Congress. All kinds of chargers and cables compatible with Apple products, wireless chargers and charger bases, wireless charging pads, all kinds of power banks, lighter chargers, all kinds of conversions and cables for audio and video products are part of Belkin brand products.

In addition to having the official and exclusive representation of the Belkin brand in Iran, Positron also has the exclusive representation of Force, Promate, Honeywell and Hama accessory brands, and some of the products of these brands are also available in the first The Iran Mobile Congress has offered.

The Force brand is one of the products presented by Positron, a French brand that targets the high-end segments of the mobile market and produces accessories for flagship phones. The main feature of these products is durability; For this reason, most of these accessories have a lifetime warranty. Phone protective glasses, mobile cases and chargers and charging cables make up Force’s product portfolio, all of which are supplied by Positron.

Positron has also exposed a part of Promit brand products to interested parties in the Mobile Congress. Promit is known for unique designs and innovation in gadgets and produces digital gadgets and smart gadgets in addition to mobile accessories. This brand has the MFi certificate as a sign of compatibility with Apple products.

Honeywell brand products are another part of Positron’s products. Honeywell manufactures technology products globally and has a wide range of products from small cables to massive infrastructures in its product portfolio. Honeywell air purifier is one of the distinctive products of this brand that Positron offers.

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