PlayStation 5 Sony PS5 was jailbroken

Months after the initial release of PlayStation 5 in the global markets, it was very difficult to buy this 9th generation console; But now that enough PS5s are being produced, many gamers can get their hands on Sony’s newest console. In the last two years, hackers have repeatedly tried to break into the PlayStation 5 software; But they were largely unsuccessful.

to report Verge, a group of hackers have been able to gain access to the debug settings menu in the PlayStation 5 dashboard using the IPV6 kernel exploit that uses the vulnerability in Webkit. This exploit theoretically allows users to access settings normally available to developers. One of these settings, the tool to install files PKG is for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games.

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At first glance, hacking the PlayStation 5 software might seem like a big deal; But research shows that the use cases of the PS5 vulnerability are currently very limited. Don’t forget that using such vulnerabilities will not only invalidate the console’s warranty; Rather, it may lead to the blocking of the PSN account and even the locking of the console.

Hackers say that the PlayStation 5 jailbreak only works on consoles that are equipped with firmware version 4.03 and older. It’s been about a year since this version was released, and now many PlayStation 5 consoles are definitely equipped with newer firmwares.

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In theory, it is possible to install game files through the PlayStation 5 jailbreak; But the game cannot be run. However, we expect hackers to continue to work on the PlayStation 5 software and expand the intrusion. Although the PlayStation 5 jailbreak has limited functionality in its current state, breaking into game consoles is an exciting thing for hackers.

One of those who have been instrumental in jailbreaking the PS5 has quickly installed the popular PT demo on the console; Of course, he cannot run this game on PlayStation 5.

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