PlayStation 5 sales reached almost 40 million units

Sony says that in the quarter ending March 31, 2023 (April 11, 1402), it has managed to sell 6.3 million PlayStation 5 units, bringing the total sales of this popular console to 38.4 million units. PS5 sales figures in the same period of 2022 were about two million units.

Sony managed to sell a total of 19.1 million PlayStation 5 units in fiscal year 2022 (which ends in the first quarter of regular year 2023). This company predicted the sales of PlayStation 5 at 18 million units.

According to VergeSony’s revenue grew from the sale of gaming software. During the period in question, the number of monthly active users of PlayStation Network reached 108 million with a slight growth, however, the number of PlayStation Plus service subscribers did not change and remained constant at 47.4 million people.

The lack of change in the number of PlayStation Plus users is probably the result of Sony not being able to provide many exciting exclusive games to gamers last season.

Analysts say Sony posted a strong financial performance overall last year. The company was able to pocket an operating profit of 1.21 trillion yen (about 8.9 billion dollars), which is a new record. Sony’s revenue in the final quarter of fiscal 2022 grew by 35 percent to about 3.06 trillion yen ($22.5 billion). Sony has not mentioned the PlayStation VR2 headset sales figures.

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