PlayStation 5 console sales exceeded 30 million units

Jim Ryanthe president and CEO of Sony’s entertainment unit, announced that the sale of PlayStation 5 has exceeded 30 million units worldwide.

Ryan In the press conference of CES 2023, Sony announced that in December 2022, it experienced the best performance in terms of PlayStation 5 sales. He said in part of his speech:

At the heart of this innovation is PlayStation 5. We really appreciate the support and patience of the PlayStation community; Because amid the global problems that we have been facing for the past two years, we managed an unprecedented demand to buy this console.Jim Ryan

Ryan continued:

The launch of PlayStation 5 has improved since late last year and I am happy to announce that in December 2022 we experienced the highest volume of sales of this console and now the total sales of this product worldwide have crossed the 30 million mark. People interested in buying a PlayStation 5 can now get it more easily through retailers around the world.Jim Ryan

The CEO of Sony Entertainment explained about the games that will be released for PlayStation 5 later this year:

With the launch of PlayStation VR2, blockbuster games such as Final Fantasy XVI, Hogwarts Legacy and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be available for PlayStation 5 in late 2023.Jim Ryan

to report WccfTechIn November last year, Sony announced that it had sold more than 25 million PlayStation 5 units worldwide by the end of the second fiscal quarter of 2022. This means that the mentioned company has managed to sell 5 million units of this console within three months.

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