Pioneers’ high-speed internet, a practical tool for freelancers to earn money at home

Freelance includes a wide range of types of jobs, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Admin of social networks
  • Manager of online stores
  • Web programmer and developer
  • site designer
  • Content production expert and copywriter
  • Digital marketing consultant
  • SEO specialist
  • Graphic Designer

One of the most important tools for many freelancers is access to high-speed Internet. ADSL internet service is the most suitable option for freelancers. However, if you cannot use ADSL internet service due to telecommunication restrictions, or if you need internet access at a higher speed than the speeds offered in ADSL internet services, you can use TD-LTE high-speed internet service. In the following, we introduce the most suitable ADSL and TD-LTE internet services for freelancers.

Internet service ADSL Suitable for freelancers

Pisgaman has offered high-volume ADSL internet services at the most appropriate price in its autumn festival. You can choose one of the 70 gig, 700 gig or 7000 gig services according to your needs. The speed of these services is up to 16 Mbps. to participate in ADSL Autumn Festival Visit the Pioneers website.

Internet services TD-LTE pioneers

By purchasing any of our pioneering TD-LTE internet services, you can have a maximum speed of 80 Mbps. Also, these services are a suitable option for freelancers who usually have high consumption traffic. Before buying your TD-LTE internet service, we suggest you to get free advice from pioneer experts by calling 1577 about the coverage of the desired area and other required information such as the type of service that suits your needs. To view TD-LTE internet services To TD-LTE purchase page See.

If you want to know about seasonal festivals and various pioneer services, go to Pioneers website See.

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