Persian language was added to PowerToys Windows professional software

Persian language was added to PowerToys Windows professional software

Microsoft PowerToys team leader with releases A statement on GitHub It says that the latest version of this professional software with the support of “Persian translation” is available.

PowerToys, developed by Microsoft, provides a set of professional tools available to Windows users.

Thanks to PowerToys, you can add new features to Windows or change a series of default features to make them more optimized and much better. In addition to Windows 11, PowerToys is also available for Windows 10.

According to the leader of PowerToys, the new version of this software focuses more on stability and general improvements, and in addition to Persian, it now supports Arabic. The new PowerToys may have some bugs that will be fixed soon.

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Thanks to the addition of Persian language, now Iranian users of PowerToys can use this software more easily. In the initial check, we did not manage to find the Farsi PowerToys section, which means that the changes have probably not been widely applied yet.

What do you Zomit users think about the addition of Persian language to PowerToys? Have you ever used this software?

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