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How do we know if our chosen hardware is compatible with Hello software or not? The experts of Helo software engineering company have tested hardware products used in various trades and if these devices are compatible with Helo software, they will issue a product conformity certificate for the companies that produce or import these products.

this hardwareWith the highest compliance, connected to the Peach accounting software, it increases productivity, eliminates unnecessary costs and speeds up business.

After conducting various technical tests to check the compatibility of various hardware with the Peach software and performing product verification tests, the product conformity certificate is given to the verified products by the technical support team.

Peach software

How to make sure that hardware products are compatible with Hello software?

You, the users of Hello software, can visit the Hellostore website or scan the QR CODE installed on the hardware to find out about the products that have been evaluated for product conformity and have a certificate.

After entering the link or scanning the QR CODE, enter this page and an image similar to the image below will display the desired product information.

Peach software

Procedures for registering an application for a product conformity certificate

If you are a user of Helo software or a sales and service associate of Helo software engineering company and you intend to receive a product conformity certificate for your purchased hardware product or you need to complete your value chain a complete industry solution package (including store equipment and Helo software) ), you must file a request for the issuance of a certificate of conformity of your product through the supplier or manufacturer of the hardware product.

According to the following process, manufacturers or importers of hardware equipment can receive their product’s product compliance certificate and landing page by sending their product sample to the technical unit of the Peach Software Engineering Company.

What is necessary to issue a product conformity certificate?

The customers of Hello software always faced countless problems when using the required hardware and using Hello software on some of these hardware, problems that appeared most of the time due to the use of low-quality and non-standard hardware. Therefore, we, the experts of Helo software engineering company, decided to provide a new service and use a specialized support team to test the hardware available in the market and provide a license for the approved hardware.

The mission of this plan is to provide after-sales services to the customers of Helo Software Engineering Company’s products based on professional values ​​and customer-oriented principles. In this way, our focus is on the commitment and expertise of our colleagues, the wide capacity of the after-sales service network, the intelligent use of advanced technologies, the introduction of quality products, the optimal use of resource capacity to increase profitability and provide balanced and stable interests of the beneficiaries.

Whose needs does the product conformity certificate meet?

  • Peach software users who have purchased hardware and need the compatibility of the purchased hardware with Peach.
  • Hardware companies who realize when selling their devices are losing customers due to the incompatibility of their products with Hello software.
  • Sales and service colleagues of Helo company who need the compatibility of the desired hardware with Helo software to complete their supply chain and product portfolio for sales and services.

Examples of hardware that require a product conformity certificate:

  • Barcode reader
  • digital Balance
  • Order and payment kiosk
  • Cash register
  • Fish printer and label printer
  • all in one

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