Payment: Network servers are physically blocked

Last week on its Telegram channel, Pi Payment related this issue to the dispute between the Central Bank and Shaperak with this payment assistance and announced that it was the filing of a case against them: “Following the filing of a case against the Central Bank and Shaperak for the Pay payment network, after the bank accounts were blocked. The company and the members of the board of directors and the filtering in the past days, today they tried to physically block the servers of the payment network, which unfortunately, surprisingly, all the servers of the payment network have been turned off and access to information has been completely blocked. Legal colleagues are following up to solve the problem.”

On March 27, Shoprek cut off Pay and Vandar’s payment access to the comprehensive system and blocked their terminals. This action was done by registering a first degree violation for these companies and the story goes back to when In a letter, Shaperak prohibited the transfer of funds within the payment assistance. Finally, Vandar was reopened on the 8th of May after changing the business model in the manner intended by the Central Bank, but the matter became more complicated for payment.

Adib Hafezi, CEO, paid on April 21 to the attachment He said that Shaperk warned this company about the registration of violations in the past and despite the payment response, on March 27, it cut off their access to the comprehensive system and blocked the active terminals. Shaperak condemned Pashpi for pooling funds, providing false information in the definition in the comprehensive system of receivers, and not complying with the requirements of the central bank in the areas of money and credit; However, in a letter to Shaperak, he rejected the payment of first-degree violations and the issue of pooling funds.

After Pashpi filed a complaint against the Central Bank to the Court of Administrative Justice, the court ordered a temporary suspension of the ban and extension and permission to continue Pashpi’s activities, but this unblocking did not take more than a few hours and the Pashpi site was also unavailable.

Today, the CEO of wrote on Twitter that the Central Bank accused of money laundering in a letter “without any convincing reason”: “Although has been taken down by the court order, there is no proof or document so far The existence of this charge has not been presented to our lawyers.

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