Paying for Apple software updates can bring better and more attractive features to Armaghan

But how will charging Apple to release updates solve the mentioned problems? Instead of using iOS development engineers to work on other projects, such as its mixed reality headset, the company will hire new engineers to do other work with the proceeds from the sale of software updates. Thus, the budget required by Apple will not change significantly and users will still receive big and important updates.

If we consider Apple’s work pattern in recent years, it is clear that this company applies changes and important features to iOS one year, and the next year it focuses on fixing bugs and improving previous features. Although this solution has advantages for the iPhone maker, it makes its WWDC events less attractive. This case will be solved by making software updates paid, and the active income stream resulting from the release of updates will make each new version of Apple’s operating system available with more exciting features and facilities.

Of course, making software updates paid by Apple, while the updates It is not an easy task to provide Android for free. After all, Apple is known for long-term software support for iPhones and Macs, and this change could have a negative impact on the Cupertino tech giant’s reputation for releasing software updates.

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