Parmis accounting and financial software

Parmis payroll software

One of the features of Parmis payroll software is its dynamism and flexibility. The possibility of defining infinite legal items and also writing specific formulas for each item, turns this payroll software into a dynamic product that meets all the needs of any business.

At Payroll software With Parmis, you can manage all legal issues, employee facilities, etc. The support of Parmis payroll software from Excel files and the output of attendance devices and the features of this software to manage the performance of employees, especially in larger companies, solves one of the most important concerns of accountants.

Using Parmis payroll software by mechanizing the various stages of issuing pay slips and preparing insurance, property and bank files reduces the workload of accountants, increases speed and accuracy, and ultimately increases the productivity of your financial team.

Calculating the salaries and wages of employees of business units is one of the most time-consuming tasks and activities of accountants. With the addition of tasks such as preparing the list of various organizations and the disk bank for paying employees, this repetitive process takes a lot of time.

In the final months of the year, as well as the time when an employee leaves the business, this amount of work reaches its peak, so that the calculation of salaries and wages becomes one of the most challenging business processes.

The best payroll software is software that can do all the company’s payroll in the shortest possible time. These items are a small part of Parmis payroll software capabilities.

Considering today’s competitive market in this field, Parmis company with very strong support, affordable price along with high purchase value and great facilities that it provides to its users, is a great help to all guilds to use the software. he does.

Parmis Star accounting software

If you are looking to develop your business, Parmis Star accounting software is an ERP-based software solution that was produced with the aim of creating integration and free and smooth flow of information between different units.

Providing comprehensive, interactive and accurate reports along with the high speed of the software in recording documents and preventing human errors are the main goals of this approach. The result of this process will be the high speed of action and the creation of an agile system and finally the structured and informed development of the users’ business.

The correct use of integrated accounting and organizational software in computer networks and backup is one of the main concerns of network and information technology experts in medium and large organizations.

Parmis Star accounting software as an ERP software, using an integrated database suitable for use in the network, facilitates many things, especially the backup (backup) for network and information technology experts. In addition, the ability to send and receive tickets in different departments helps to improve the support process.

Integrated financial and management solutions or in other words ERP software is very important for managers. Because these softwares are considered as the main tools of these people in making decisions. To better understand this, consider an organization, factory, business unit or any medium or large business that is made up of different units with independent software.

In this situation, a manager is dependent on 3 independent units, such as warehouse, production and sales, to receive unit reports, and a delay in any of these units makes the entire report useless. But using an integrated ERP software solution means receiving direct, immediate and accurate reports without dependence on human resources and also free from human error.

In this case, managers are able to manage, review and modify work and production processes in their business complex.

Access to inter-unit and complex organizational reports, in addition to unit management, allows managers to make quick decisions based on reliable information in competition with competing companies and remain at the top of the market list. Managers experience a smart, agile and powerful organization with ERP software.

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