Parliament’s decision to buy a student tablet from a car import location

The members of the 1401 Budget Consolidation Commission approved that 10% of the revenue from car imports be allocated to the purchase of student tablets in deprived areas and villages.

According to Zomit, Rahim Zare, the spokesman of the 1401 Parliamentary Budget Consolidation Commission, explained the approvals of the commission yesterday evening (February 4) to Mellat News Agency:

The members of the Joint Commission, in continuation of the 1401 budget expenditure section, approved up to 10% of the resources from car imports to assist in research and technology activities in the public universities of the Ministries of Science and Health and Malikashtar University of Technology, Farhangian University, Payame Noor, Shahid Rajaei, Shahed, Jihad Daneshgahi and the School Renovation Organization should be allocated to purchase student tablets in deprived areas and villages.

Of course, what the Joint Commission has approved has not yet been publicly reviewed and approved.

Simultaneously with the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country in 1998 and the holding of online school classes, the purchase of tablets for students in disadvantaged areas was also raised. In this case, even the 11th parliament drafted a two-emergency plan for “access to students in need of tablets and smartphones for education in cyberspace,” which remained silent. The Parliamentary Research Center at the time also suggested in a report that the PBO make changes to some of the revenue-expenditure lines of the 99th budget to provide funding for the student tablet, in order to finance the purchase of the tablet. In February 1999, the Education Commission of the Ministry of Communications charged the Twelfth Government with providing tablets to students deprived of access to educational equipment. This issue was met with a reaction from the Ministry of Communications of the Twelfth Government, and Hossein Fallah Joshaghani, Deputy Minister of Communications of the Twelfth Government, tweeted that the Ministry of Communications’s one-year budget is a maximum of 1,500 billion tomans, while the budget needed to buy 3 million tablets requires 9 students. One thousand billion tomans.

With the end of the twelfth government and the beginning of the thirteenth government, the provision of tablets for deprived students remained silent. Of course, in April 1400, Qassem Ahmad Lashkai, Deputy Minister of Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs of the Ministry of Education, announced that the parliament had allocated 500 billion tomans to buy a tablet for low-income students, and it was not clear whether such a credit would be allocated to the tablet.

Now, in next year’s budget, the members of the government’s integration commission have been instructed to allocate part of the resources from car imports to the purchase of tablets for students in deprived areas and villages. It remains to be seen whether MPs will agree with the Joint Commission resolution.

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