Padro’s annual report; Return from Death Valley

The presentation ceremony of Padro’s 1401 report entitled “Padro after filtering” was held last night. In presenting the annual report of this start-up, Pashutan Pourthamatik, the CEO of Padro, explained what happened to Padro in the last year, and while explaining about Padro’s performance in the era before and after filtering, he also provided statistics and figures about the status of Instagram stores, which are the main customers. They are Padro, presented.

He explained the process Padro went through from the beginning of 1401 to midsummer: “We started the spring with a big marketing campaign, a dream. The reception of this campaign was beyond what we imagined. The first half of the summer was very good; The number of sellers registered in Padroshop increased by 70% and 38 thousand Instagram sellers were registered. The number of our orders had increased 3.5 times compared to spring. The traffic of our site had grown by 6% compared to spring.

According to CEO Padro, this trend suddenly changed from August following the drop in traffic for Instagram: “In the second half of the summer, we got the first shock and in August, Instagram traffic was severely limited. “No one took responsibility for this widespread disruption, but we were seeing our Instagram sellers’ sales drop by about 50 percent.”

What happened to Instagram stores in 1401?

Dr. Pourthamat considered Instagram filtering and extensive Internet restrictions in the late summer of 1401 as a saving throw to Padro and Instagram stores and said: “The extensive filtering of the late summer gave us a saving throw. 90% of our sales went up in smoke. “By filtering the sales of Instagram sellers who had started their business with a lot of trouble and personal capital, they lost 100% of their sales.”

According to Padro’s statistics, before filtering, the number of Instagram businesses was 630,000, which reached 220,000 stores in December, and currently we have nearly 330,000 active Instagram stores. This number of stores currently generate nearly 50 thousand billion tomans in annual sales.

The last three months of the year went well for Padro. According to the narrative provided by Pormhidat about Padro’s situation, this platform provided free services to Instagram businesses for three months with the Yalda night campaign in the winter of 1401, and with this action, it was able to return to the business circuit: “We were able to return our income and 20% monthly growth in “Winter was also the result of this campaign.”

A sharp drop in Padro’s income after filtering

The doctor explains that after a dreamy spring, the first half of the summer that went very well, Padro suffered a fall from Shahrivar. According to him, Padro’s various services were hit hard: “Padroshop’s income reached zero and 80% of Padropin’s income was lost.” However, after more access to VPNs and the return of a part of Instagram stores and businesses to work and activity in the winter season, Padro was able to return to his income in the month of September in the middle of winter 1401.

CEO Padro said about this return: “We didn’t grow after the filtering period, but the fact that we were able to maintain our business was an achievement for us.”

After 1401, now Padro has seven times more income and the number of his customers has grown by 100%. The number of orders has increased fivefold, three new postal companies cooperate with Padro, and this platform now provides services to more than a thousand cities.

Padroland; A service for integration

In another part of his speech, Pour-Medicin discussed the two-way communication between online and offline (O2O) businesses and emphasized that since each of these markets has its own characteristics, it should be possible to use the experiences of each of them to increase sales. According to him, logistics, payment and integration are the three main foundations of O2O ecosystems, the first two foundations have been established in Padro, and this platform plans to take measures regarding integration.

He went on to present the characteristics of Padro’s services in the field of logistics and explained the capacities that these services currently have. According to Pour-Medicin, Padropin service, as the first intelligent sending system in the Middle East, has 10 postal services, a capacity of 100,000 parcels, 500 businesses, etc.

Also, in the field of payment, Padro offers various facilities to its 40,000 sellers and has had 100,000 transactions. Secure payment, the possibility of online and offline payment, wallet, QR code and automatic settlement are also some of the features that Padro offers in the payment section.

In the integration section, Padro intends to create the third base of this ecosystem by presenting “Padroland”. Integrated payment tools, customer club, distributed warehousing, universal shipping and easy technical infrastructure are some of the features of Padroland.

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