Outage of the country’s internet network for 20 minutes

Since around 10:00 am today, the 24th of March, the country’s internet has faced a nationwide outage and has been unavailable to users. During this time, on some operators, it was only possible to access internal sites, and on some operators, even the internal network was not available.

Of course, this is not a new thing. As you know, in the last three months, such a disruption occurs almost every month and makes the Internet unavailable for a few minutes. The last of this incident It happened on the 5th of February.

Before that and on the 26th of January There were nationwide disruptions in the country’s Internet network. The internet outage for about 20 minutes this morning is a new part of this series of temporary disruptions and outages. A series where we see a new episode every month No one explains why.

The authorities did not explain the reason for the two-hour disruption, from 17:00 to 19:00, on the 26th of December, nor did they specify the reason for the temporary internet outage on the 5th of Bahman. In both cases, the infrastructure communication company issued a statement an hour after the disruption occurred and apologized for the disruption.

Although no authority or official authority explains the exact cause of these disruptions, experts’ guess is that changes in the filtering system lead to disruptions in the network and make the Internet unavailable.

Some experts consider cyber attacks on the country’s internet to be the cause. Some consider the removal of official monitoring tools in the infrastructure communication company as the main reason for these frequent outages. However, until the cause of this problem is officially stated, it is not possible to make a reliable and accurate statement.

Update: Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications, on the sidelines of the government board meeting, denied the possibility of a cyber attack to disrupt the Internet for today and said: “We had no decision, it was a traffic drop that was resolved.” He called this traffic drop “a 15-minute problem.” in the infrastructure of one of the operators.

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