Only one out of four personal computer users uses Windows 11

The StatCounter platform has published its September 2023 report and shared statistics related to desktop operating systems. According to the findings of this company, the market share of Windows 11 has not changed much and it is still in the position of the second most popular version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system.

The important point is that StatCounter cannot provide 100% accurate data, and in fact, apart from Microsoft, no company is able to publish accurate statistics of users of each version of Windows. However, StatCounter uses global statistics and reports to provide its monthly reports.

according to StatCounter dataMicrosoft’s newest desktop operating system, which will soon be two years old, is installed on approximately 23.64 percent of personal computers, and the market share of this operating system increased by 0.57 percent in September, although it remained almost unchanged over the past 6 months.

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