Online payment of violations, tolls and car traffic plans

Today, almost no field can be found that has not been opened to the Internet and cyberspace. Many important tasks and tasks have now been assigned to the virtual space, and services that were only provided in person in the past have been replaced by electronic services that are available from anywhere with an Internet connection; So that some of them have completely replaced traditional methods to save time and money and encourage people to use offline services.

The implementation of the necessary infrastructure for the intelligentization of various service delivery systems caused the emergence of the first Internet systems. Thus, every institution could offer its services on the web in a fully electronic form; But not all people had the possibility to receive services in this way due to lack of access to tools such as computers and the Internet until the day smartphones entered the field.

Due to their much simpler graphical interfaces than desktop platforms, smartphones require less skill to work with them, and the mass production of these new communication devices also provided the basis for the growth and development of mobile internet networks. These two marked a turning point in the history of the web, and it can be said that after the arrival of smartphones, this global network was completely transformed and new standards were created; So that according to statistics, more than 60% of the traffic of the global Internet network is available to smartphones.

At present, the use of smartphones has become so widespread among different people that it has provided a great opportunity for institutions and businesses to use this space to improve the level of their services and introduce new users to this field with the benefits of using offline services. . For this purpose, various startups have been formed to facilitate access to these services.

As you know, to receive any kind of service, you must go to the service counter or the internet system of the relevant department or institution. A number of these startups operate in cooperation with departments and institutions in the field of collecting their various services in an integrated platform with the aim of facilitating and accelerating the service delivery process, and for this purpose, various platforms have been formed so that the user can use them to avoid the hassles of visiting in person, taking turns, and waiting to receive. Forget the service.

List of online car bill payment services

Online payment of car bills

Nowadays, the car has become one of the essential tools needed by every person, especially in big cities. Of course, it should be said that the car also has side costs like any other consumer device; From maintenance and repair costs to the costs related to taxes, insurance, tolls and the use of urban and intercity transportation services. Therefore, car owners should control and pay any of these costs if they are included.

About the car, every body is responsible for the affairs and services related to it; Therefore, cost control and payments related to each department are done through separate internet systems related to the same organization. Now, in order to facilitate these matters, companies that are mostly working in the field of online payments, including paying service bills, by obtaining the necessary APIs from the relevant institutions, provide some online services related to cars in an integrated system.

In the following, we have introduced a number of these important services along with a guide for their use, which you can get both through the website of the relevant organization and through various online payment service provider systems.

Observing a violation and paying a car fine

The national highway police website has a system for vehicle crime inquiries where users can view the details of the violation including the amount, date, and location of the vehicle by using the 8- or 9-digit barcode on the back of the vehicle’s identification card. In the same section, it is possible to pay all the issued bills or select any of the bills.

To use this option, users must first register through the Sakha system and complete the authentication process; For this reason, only car owners will be able to inquire about their driving violations, and the process will be difficult and time-consuming for users.

In addition to the traffic police website, some internal service platforms allow users to inquire and pay traffic offenses so that they do not have to go to related websites and travel long distances.

It is possible to view a violation in two modes, detailed and cumulative. In the first case, each fine bill can be viewed separately with detailed details of the violation, including the amount, date, and location, which provides more complete and up-to-date information from the Highway Police website. Some of them even offer the possibility of viewing crimes along with the snapshot of the violation.

In the first method, authentication of the owner of the vehicle will be required, which will be done with the owner’s national code and mobile number. Fines can be paid in general or selectively, and after payment, the fine will be removed from the traffic police system without delay and instantly.

For users who use service platforms, there is also a second method that does not require authentication, and only by entering the vehicle’s license plate, you can find out about the wrong amount. In both cases of using the illegal service, you must charge your account or wallet with 5,200 Tomans.

Freeway tolls

Those types of tolls on freeways and roads that the camera records for vehicles are done by the Aniro company; Therefore, it is considered the main reference for paying freeway tolls. After passing through the electronic toll collection cameras, a text message will be sent to the owner stating that he has to pay the required amount in order to travel on that designated axis, and the owner must pay this amount within a certain period of time in order not to be fined.

After receiving this SMS, you can view the traffic list and the amount owed for tolls by entering the Aniro website and entering the license plate and mobile number. Also, by creating a user account on this website, you can deposit an amount to your personal account and activate automatic payment so that the amount is automatically deducted from the credit if you pass through the toll cameras.

For this too, alternative integrated payment platforms can be used to access all car payment matters in one place at once. For this purpose, it is enough to enter the license plate number so that your car is included in the freeway toll list. From now on, you will be notified every time an amount is registered as toll debt for your car.

Next, you can view and pay the details of fees such as registration time, amount and place. Some of these platforms, by providing a wallet service, allow you to charge your personal account as much as you want, so that in case Passing through the toll cameras, the amount will be automatically deducted from the wallet.

Annual car taxes

Annual car tax or municipal tax is the amount that municipalities In exchange for providing urban transportation services, they receive an annual fee from car owners. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the municipality of the place of residence based on the license plate number, and to view and pay it, you usually have to go to the municipal service counter.

In addition, there is a system called Kartex, which, with the cooperation of different municipalities of the country, has provided the possibility of viewing and paying annual car tolls. For this, only the vehicle’s VIN code and the owner’s national code are needed. After entering the mentioned information, you can view and pay the annual fees.

In some integrated payment services, it is also possible to view and pay annual fees. Depending on the information that the municipality of different cities may request for the annual fee inquiry, you will need to provide information such as the license plate number, VIN code, engine number and owner’s national code.

Buy a traffic plan

In a number of metropolises such as Tehran, the municipality applies traffic restrictions with the aim of establishing traffic order and reducing congestion or reducing air pollution in some special and busy areas. In fact, to travel in these areas you have to pay an amount apart from the annual tolls.

Before traveling in the desired area, you must charge your personal account credit to the amount determined to reserve the traffic plan through the municipality’s website. Then, if you travel within the traffic plan, depending on the type of technical inspection of your car and the time of entry and exit and the amount of presence in these areas, the tolls of the traffic plan will be deducted from your account; However, if you do not have a citizen account and insufficient credit, you may be subject to traffic plan debt.

In this case, it will be possible to pay the debt of the traffic plan through the website of the municipality. Also, some online payment platforms and applications also have the possibility of inquiring and paying traffic scheme fees. Just by entering the license plate number, you will access the list of debts of your car traffic plan and you can settle them individually or collectively.

Paying marginal parking fees

In some urban roads, municipalities have implemented a plan called “marginal parking” in order to control the density of parking space on the side of the streets and to organize them, and citizens have to pay a specific fee for the time their cars stay in these parking places.

When a car stops in a smart marginal parking space, its license plate is detected by cars equipped with cameras, the presence of this car is checked every 30 minutes by license plate registration machines, and when leaving the park, the fee is determined according to the time the car stopped. The driver will be notified.

The municipality considers this cost as a debt in the citizenship account of the car owners. To pay this fee, you should usually refer to the internet systems of the municipalities, which can be paid both before parking the car and by setting a certain time, and after the parking fee is determined.

Inquiring and paying the debt of the marginal park is another feature of some service applications that you can use. For this, just like the traffic plan, you only need to enter the license plate number. After entering the license plate, details It will be visible related to car parking fees, including license plate number, street, date, start and end time, and toll amount.

Pursuing the issuance of vehicle documents

If you have just bought a car and after carrying out the transfer process at the numbering centers you are waiting for the issuance of the vehicle document and card, you can track the latest status of the issuance and sending of the vehicle documents by providing the license plate number by using the tracking system of the organizational shipments of the Post Company.

This service is also available on some service platforms, and by providing information such as the national code, the owner’s mobile number, and the license plate, you can find out complete details, including the postal barcode of the car card, document status, card printing date, car card status, and the document printing date. did

Buying body or third party insurance

Another important car service, the process of which has become much easier and faster than before, is buying insurance online. Currently, various services are operating in the field of consulting and buying insurance policies. By searching, you can access various websites for buying insurance and get the insurance you want by comparing the insurances of different companies and the conditions and pricing methods.

Using online insurance services has other benefits, including the possibility of obtaining more information from insurance companies through user ratings and opinions, and the possibility of comparison and review, which helps users choose the most suitable insurer.

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