Online medicine price inquiry training

Since this summer, the Food and Drug Organization has provided the public with the list and price of all medicinal items that can be supplied in the country’s pharmacies online and transparently. Online drug price inquiry is possible through the drug information system of this organization or TTech system.

How to inquire the price of medicines online?

You can use three methods to inquire about drug prices online. Both the drug information system of the country at, the web version of the T-Tech system and its mobile software will help you to know the price of the drug online.

These systems have other information about the required drugs and make it possible to be sure of the authenticity of the purchased drug or to report drug side effects.

The Food and Drug Organization has also made it possible to call 190 if you see a difference in drug prices with the prices registered on the website or over-the-counter sales of drugs in the pharmacy, if you are a party to the contract with insurance companies, or report violations through universities of medical sciences. report

Drug price inquiry in the country’s drug information system

The first way to inquire about drug prices online is to log in Pharmaceutical information system of the country Is. Here you will come across a search bar where you can type the name of the drug you want and click on the search option.

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