One-year performance report of Infrastructure Communications Company; The void of transparency

Infrastructure Communications Company published the “Projects and Actions of 1401” report yesterday. A report that informs about the development of IP network capacity, transmission network capacity, IXP traffic exchange center, international Internet, communication infrastructure services, etc., but in many of these cases, only the word development is emphasized without specific and precise numbers. present to prove this development and show its extent.

Some of the subjects whose numbers and statistics have been announced are also information that was previously mentioned in various news published by the Ministry of Communications. For example, breaking the record of IXP traffic to more than 4.2 terabits per second and the total internal traffic to 6.5 terabits per second is a statistic that was previously presented by the Minister of Communications and the CEO of the infrastructure company in December of last year.

In this report, although this statistic is mentioned once again, no specific quantitative information is provided about the issue of Internet traffic in the country in 1401. While the site of the traffic exchange center has been unavailable for months and it is no longer possible to obtain traffic and information in this area from this system, it was expected that statistics would be officially published that would show the amount of internet traffic in the country.

The existence of such statistics, especially the figures related to the challenging year such as 1401, can show the damage of bandwidth reduction and filtering and clarify the consequences of establishing such restrictions. Considering that the country’s internet providers and operators suffered losses last year, their income decreased and even their managers announced that the reduction of international internet bandwidth and the blocking of platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp caused financial damage, it can be guessed that the amount of bandwidth and internet traffic in the country has decreased significantly in the last year.

In this report, in line with the goal of “improving the quality and speed of the international Internet” to issues such as a 50% increase in the active capacity of the international Internet in 1401, self-sufficiency in the repair of sea cables, the establishment of an internal DDOS system, the preparation and implementation of technical requirements for secure connection to IGW And the beginning of the development of the IGW network to the capacity of three terabits per second (the completion of which is postponed to the year 1402) has been discussed, which although it is necessary to mention them, but it is not enough and it still leaves other questions unanswered, especially about the internet bandwidth of the country.

The silence of the Ministry of Communications, the reluctance to provide statistics in this regard and the absence of this information in the report of the infrastructure company strengthens these possibilities; An issue that causes the lack of transparency of officials and relevant institutions and the uncertainty of the country’s Internet situation.

The progress and development of nearly 60% of the National Information Network is another statistic that has been announced before by the National Center for Cyberspace, the Minister of Communications and other officials in this field, and now it has been mentioned in the report of projects and actions of the infrastructure company, and of course More details about it have not been mentioned yet.

The conclusion of the largest contract in the history of the Infrastructure Communications Company in terms of Rial value is another point that is mentioned in the report of the Infrastructure Company, without providing an explanation about the nature of this contract and the amount of the largest deal of this company.

The projects and actions of the infrastructure communication company for the past year, rather than being clarified with quantitative statistics and showing the exact level of development of the various sectors mentioned, is a qualitative report that shows the progress made in the state of the country’s communication infrastructure with words such as the increase He has described development, improvement, etc., but the question is, how can you believe this improvement without referring to statistics and numbers? It is not explained where these developments have brought the state of the country’s Internet infrastructure from where to where, what is the basis of this improvement and progress?

Writing and publishing non-transparent and general performance reports, without paying attention to details and referring to specific statistics, has already been done in the Ministry of Communications and related companies. An important example of such reports It was the one-year performance report of the Ministry of Communications that was published in August 1401 and was criticized from various aspects.

One of the most important objections raised about that report It was the lack of transparency and accuracy in its information, which seems to have spread to the reports of other institutions under the Ministry of Communications, and non-transparency, generalization, and lack of details have become a characteristic of these reports.

The full text of the infrastructure communication company report in Here look.

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