One month until the introduction of watchOS 10; “Big changes” waiting for Apple Watch user interface

According to the claim BloombergApple is looking to implement “major changes” to the watchOS operating system of the Apple Watch series. In watchOS 10, we will see a redesigned user interface with a special focus on widgets.

Mark GermanBloomberg’s veteran whistleblower had previously made similar claims. He said a few months ago that the new watchOS will come with many changes. Garman says widgets are going to become the “central part” of the Apple Watch user interface.

Garman considers the new design of watchOS to be reminiscent of “Watchface Siri” and similar to “widget packs”; A feature that is now available on iPhone and iPad. Thus, users will be able to scroll through a set of widgets. With the new design, Apple is trying to enable faster access to information without opening the application for its users.

Garman says Apple plans to make changes to the functionality of the Digital Crown (the rotary button on the side of the Apple Watch). In the current version of watchOS, pressing the rotary button takes you to the home screen. In watchOS 10, pressing the rotary button will open the widgets interface.

According to Garman, the new widget interface is similar to the Glances feature that was previously available on the Apple Watch. In the first version of watchOS, if you swiped up, the Glances screen would open. Glances enabled quick access to notifications; But in the end, Apple left it in the hands of oblivion.

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