On the eve of the introduction of OnePlus Pad, the specifications and clear renderings of this tablet were revealed

Of course, the specifications mentioned have not been officially confirmed yet. However, if the OnePlus tablet is released with such features, it can definitely have something to say in the competition with Apple’s 10th generation iPad.

The 9500 mAh battery of the OnePlus Pad allows you to work with it for a relatively long time with each charge, and in addition, due to the support of 67 W charging, it can be charged quickly, and as a result, users of this device do not have to worry about battery life. will not have

On the other hand, unlike most tablet companies, OnePlus seems to be trying to use decent quality cameras in its tablet so that it can be used for video calls without worrying about quality degradation.

to report Fon Arena, the OnePlus Pad will use the Dimensity 9000 system-on-chip. This chip performs at the level of the best mobile processors, including flagship Snapdragon chips, and even provides better performance in some areas. Therefore, heavy and multitasking tasks with the OnePlus tablet will probably be done smoothly without any problems or lags.

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