Okai introduced electric scooter for off-road tracks

At CES 2022, Chinese company Okai unveiled a new electric scooter for off-road tracks that, unlike many other scooters, has smooth tracks.

According to Gizmochina, most electric scooters on the market do not have a good suspension system for rough terrain; But the 12-inch wheels and full suspension and 1,800-watt electric motor of the Okai ES800 allow this electric scooter to move smoothly on uneven surfaces at a maximum speed of 69 km / h and to climb on slopes with a slope of 35%.


The new Okai electric scooter is heavier than regular scooters, and its 980-watt battery gives it more range than its competitors.

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Okai has not yet announced the pricing and availability of its Off-Road Scooter; However, due to the wide features and significant range of movement in this product, it is expected to be more expensive than the price range of this group of products.

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