Office and Bing search engine become smarter and more functional with ChatGPT

According to recent reports, Microsoft has big plans to add AI-based capabilities to its apps and services. Apparently, this company wants to use the features of ChatGPT in the office suite, so that users can easily generate the texts they want. In addition, it is said that the use of artificial intelligence in the Bing search engine will provide the possibility of providing better and more practical answers to user requests.

Microsoft has been working with OpenAI since 2019 and has invested $1 billion in the project since then. Also, the collaboration included an agreement between the two companies to use Microsoft’s Azure AI cloud infrastructure to train GPT-3.5; The platform that is the main framework for implementing the famous ChatGPT chatbot. It seems that after several years of cooperation, the Redmond technology giant will finally use the result of this investment.

Based on the leaked information, users can generate their desired text in Office by providing some commands. This feature is somewhat similar to functionality that already exists in Office; But using the capabilities of OpenAI increases the power of this tool and produces higher quality texts.

According to Windows CentralFor more than a year, Microsoft engineers and researchers have been working on AI-based tools for creating emails and various documents. One of the important elements of this feature is privacy. Microsoft tries to ensure the security of customer data when working with artificial intelligence-based tools.

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