Nvidia’s RTX 4070 graphics card will probably come at a very high price

Disappointing news has been released about the possible price of Nvidia RTX 4070, which shows that The graphics card will probably be very expensive.

Rumors suggest that the RTX 4070 will be launched with a price tag of at least $750, but customized models will be available for customers at a price close to $800 or even more. In comparison, the suggested price for The RTX 4070 Ti is around $800. Now the question arises, can such prices be real?

Nvidia is one of the companies that makes some of the best graphics cards in the world, but the good performance has led to an increase in the price of its products. The company has not officially released any details on the price of the RTX 4070, but according to one of the reliable leakers of the technology news, Moore’s Law Is Dead, the price of this product could be really high.

The YouTube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead says that Nvidia will set the suggested price of the RTX 4070 at $750. As always, the business partners of this company will offer customized and improved versions of the mentioned graphics, the price of these models will also start from 800 dollars. Therefore, most users can buy the RTX 4070 Ti, which offers much better performance for roughly the same price.

to report Digital TrendsNvidia has decided to lift the limit on graphics cards priced at $750 from April 12 and more expensive cards from April 13.

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