Nvidia’s RTX 3050 graphics card unveiled for $ 249

After much speculation, Nvidia unveiled its high-end graphics card, the RTX 3050, at CES 2022, which could be the company’s winner over AMD’s ubiquitous graphics cards. Like the rest of the family, the RTX 3050 is based on Nvidia’s amp architecture and promises support for beam tracking technology in games at 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution.

The graphics card is configured with 8GB of GDDR6 memory, and inside is Nvidia’s third-generation tensor cores, which allow for things like DLSS scaling based on artificial intelligence in this price range.

به‌گفت‌ی Matt Webling, 75% of customers still use the company’s old GTX platform; Thus, offering cost-effective yet powerful options such as the RTX 3050 can persuade gamers to upgrade their older graphics cards.

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Like the RTX 3060, there is no Founder’s Edition or so-called reference model; But Nvidia partners will probably unveil this model in the future. Nvidia’s new graphics card, while appealing to gamers, will also be a nuisance; Because, as you know, the market has been struggling with a global chip shortage for some time, and miners and brokers’ robots are doubling those shortages. Therefore, the RTX 3050 will also face supply limitations and people will have little chance of buying it. Of course, the problems do not end here. For example, many Nvidia graphics cards are currently selling for more than three times their official price, and of course the Green Team’s expensive graphics card is no exception.

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