Nvidia’s artificial intelligence keeps your eye contact on the camera at all times

Nvidia’s streaming software now offers options to keep users’ eyes on the camera at all times, and eye contact will still be maintained even if you look away. This feature, called Eye Contact, has been added to version 1.4 of the Nvidia Broadcast software using artificial intelligence, and replaces the simulated eye with your own, so that it is aligned with the camera.

Nvidia says the new eye contact feature will be very useful for content creators who want to read their notes or script without looking at the camera. On the other hand, this attractive feature can be used during video calls to maintain eye contact with the audience.

to report VergeEye Contact tries to match the color of the simulated eyes with the original color of the user’s eyes, and if you look at points far away from the camera, it is possible to disable the said feature.

Next, you can see the Eye Contact feature of Nodia in a demonstration video.

Looking at the results, some users may not be fans of Nvidia’s eye contact feature. Part of this feature is eye movements, and while this feature looks very cool, sometimes your eye moves and moves around at a very high speed.

Definitely, Nvidia’s AI-based eye contact feature performs very well in some scenarios and is very accurate.

Nvidia has released the Eye Contact feature as a beta version, and members of the company’s community will provide feedback to help improve it. The company says:

In recent years, Nvidia has focused a lot on artificial intelligence, and one of the selling points of its graphics is DLSS technology; A feature that uses machine learning to intelligently enhance images to increase clarity. The latest version of this feature, DLSS 3, produces completely new frames to make games run smoother.

Nvidia’s Broadcast program also uses artificial intelligence-based capabilities, including the replacement of the background that acts like a virtual green screen and the ability to remove microphone noises.

This is not the first time that a feature has been proposed to improve eye contact. Apple also introduced a similar feature called Attention Correction in FaceTime in 2018. In recent versions of iOS, this feature is located under Settings > FaceTime and is labeled as Eye Contact. Microsoft has also provided a version of this feature in Windows 11 for devices that use a neural processing unit.

Eye contact isn’t the only new feature that Nvidia has added to Broadcast 1.4. The update also introduces a new visual effect that Nvidia claims has Instagram-like functionality and improves Blur, Replacement, and Virtual Background Removal effects. This update is currently available for all users using RTX graphics.

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