Nvidia Studio series laptops with the most powerful graphics in the world will be released next month

At CES 2023, Nvidia introduced a new series of laptops equipped with the company’s most powerful graphics processors. New laptops produced by brands such as Asus, Elinor, Razer, Lenovo and Samsung will carry the Studio Laptop label. Nvidia says that the Studio series laptops will consume three times less energy than the flagships of the previous generation.

According to ZDNetStudio series laptops equipped with Nvidia RTX 4000 graphics processors make the experience of video games enjoyable. According to Nvidia, these products are the beginning of “a new era in the field of laptop processing”. Studio series laptops have a slim body, have a lot of power and offer good battery life.

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The new graphics processors that Nvidia introduced last night are based on the Ada Lovelace architecture and are equipped with the fifth generation of Max-Q technology. The new version of Max-Q has up to four times better performance than the previous generation.

Nvidia says RTX 4090 and RTX 4080-equipped studio laptops will launch next month with a base price of $1,999. Models equipped with RTX 4070, RTX 4060, and RTX 4050 will arrive a few weeks later with a base price of $999.

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