Nvidia stops the production of this graphics card due to the low sales of RTX 4070

It seems that the reception of buyers from The RTX 4070 graphics card is very low and many gamers believe that Nvidia has exaggerated the pricing of this product. In fact, customers are not satisfied with the price of RTX 4070; For this reason, Nvidia has decided to stop its production.

Stopping the production of one of the world’s new and powerful graphics cards is an unprecedented event in the graphics processor market; Because each generation of new graphics from Nvidia usually experienced impressive sales after its introduction.

RTX 4070 was introduced on April 13, 2023 (April 24, 1402); But this short time showed that gamers are not willing to buy it. For example, the Founder Editoin model of this graphics card was available at Best Buy for 8 hours, which is unprecedented compared to Nvidia’s previous instant sales records. Additionally, you can get any RTX 4070 model other than the Founders Edition at most retailers right now.

to report Extreme TechApparently, due to the long-awaited reception of RTX 4070 by the buyers, Nvidia has decided to stop the production of this graphics card for a month so that its business partners can sell their current inventory. We still don’t know if this decision will be applied only to the Chinese market or not; But it seems that the same trend is followed in the US market as well.

The RTX 4070 is the most affordable graphics in the Ada Lovelace series. According to some rumors, Nvidia plans to pay its business partners $50 for each 4070 unit. Thus, the aforementioned companies can deduct this cost from the final amount of their customized models or pass it on to gamers without changing the price.

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