Nvidia sells RTX 4080 graphics with this unfair policy!

According to the YouTube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead, sales of RTX 4090 graphics have decreased. This source has now announced that Nvidia may reduce the supply of RTX 4090 in order to encourage users to buy RTX 4080.

Apparently, Nvidia plans to reduce the supply of RTX 4090 graphics. Some news sources point out that the said company will not increase the supply of RTX 4090 until the stock of RTX 4080 is sold. In other words, the reason for this decision is to encourage customers to buy RTX 4090 instead of RTX 4090.

to report NotebookCheckWhile Nvidia has reduced the supply of RTX 4090 graphics, there is no change in the sales of the seven thousand dollar RTX 6000 graphics. Some news sources say that if you order multiple graphics cards from Nvidia, you can buy RTX 6000 Ada cards for less than $3,800.

The question on many people’s minds is, have RTX 4080 sales really dropped that much? Apparently the news reports are true as a simple search on Newegg’s website will show you plenty of RTX 4080 GPUs that are priced above the average retail price tag. For example, at least seven RTX 4080 models under different brands are selling for $1,300.

The sales status of Nvidia’s RTX 40 graphics series on Amazon is also the same as Newegg; Where the cheapest RTX 4080 model, the ZOTAC Gaming Trinity, costs $1,219 at the time of writing this article.

To put it simply, if the claims of the Moore’s Law Is Dead YouTube channel are true, it will be a little harder to find an RTX 4090 at a reasonable price in the coming days, with plenty of RTX 4080s available on store shelves.

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